I have a confession! I’m bored! Really bored! Not of everything and anything. Not at all! It’s my writing! I’m bored of my own writing!

#Acwrimo provides the perfect opportunity to reflect on writing and this year, it’s my style that has me worried. I’m not saying that there is anything wrong with it necessarily (although, and I may regret writing this, correct me if I’m wrong!) but I want to feel like I’m progressing and developing. Perhaps I am being over romantic? I write mainly for an academic audience. I present data analysis, I review academic literature. But I am wondering how I can improve; how I can move it forward.  

I think for me, a key problem is that I feel like I am reaching the limits of my vocabulary. There are only so many times I can use the word ‘however’ in a journal article. ‘For example’ is fine once or twice, but three times? I don’t like the over repetition of words but sometimes I just don’t know how else to express things. It’s hard to admit that writing is difficult and challenging especially when its part of the job but the great thing about #acwrimo is that this seems like a useful thing to do. I want to improve my craft. So what are the solutions?

A look through the #acwrimo resources posted on Twitter today has been really useful! I have come across some great online resources for widening vocabulary already. The Thesis Whisperer has a great section on her site with useful resources (here) including one called Useful Words. There is also the University of Manchester’s Academic Phrasebank.

I have a lot of work to do on my own of course. I need to continue to read a lot for one! 

So is this a common concern? How have you tackled this issue yourself? Got any good words for me to use? I’d be really fascinated (originally I wrote interested ;) ) to know!

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