My recent Follow Friday Tweets!

Ana Isabel Canhoto has inspired me to write this post about my recent #ff’s; or my Twitter Follow Fridays. In her post she explains the reasoning behind Follow Friday and also lists a few of the people she has recommended to other users. I follow a range of different Tweeps for a variety of different reasons so here are some of my suggestions (and sorry if I miss anyone out – all of the peeps I am following are great!).

PhD2Published and #AcWri

As managing editor of PhD2Published I get the privilege of ‘meeting’ lots of inspiring academics (and others), who share similar concerns and interests. Meeting Charlotte Frost, who developed PhD2Published has been awesome. She has given me the opportunity to change how I network and to develop my academic interests online. She also loves sparkle and fun and regularly makes me laugh with amusing Tweets!

Follow @charlottefrost and @phd2published (for advice on publishing and much, much more).

Several Tweeps have written blog posts for me for PhD2Published and they of course deserve a mention. They have contributed various posts from publishing theses online, to writing in scientific styles, and indulging passions to carving up a PhD thesis for publication.

@cs_warden – A lecturer at Leicester who writes inspiring blog posts on performance,

@mark_carrigan – Mark tweets regularly about a range of social and political topics

@peoplegogy – Wrote a post about why he will publish his thesis online for PhD2Published. Discusses use of social media and writing his PhD on Twitter

@katreekie – Kat doesn’t tweet often but she is PhD2Published’s Science Correspondent,

I also enjoy #AcWri, a Twitter academic community run through PhD2Published. This is a continuation of AcBoWriMo, a month of academic writing and the brainchild of Charlotte Frost. While I personally struggle to commit lots of time to daily #AcWri, the community involves some amazingly dedicated and supportive members that are a privilege to correspond with.

@joaovc – arguably the most dedicated and productive of the community! He Tweets with regular updates and word counts

@kyliebudge – Helped me when my #AcWri motivation was low 🙂

@drmelmarshall – Also helped me when my #AcWri motivation was low and a regular contributor to the hashtag feed

@mystudiouslife – Regular #AcWri tweeter providing updates and advice on her progress and writing.

Postdoc life and developing my digital identity

#phdpostdoc – follow @sarahthesheepu and @JackieKirkham – my partners in crime in developing a new wiki for sharing experiences of the Post PhD experience. Sign up and contribute to the wiki here. @bronwynah also contributes to these discussions regularly.

A site that is very similar to PhD2Published and complements it nicely is The Wolfson Research Exchange at Warwick University. This is a great community for Researchers at various career stages and several interesting blogs can be found here. Follow @ResearchEx for regular updates.

Useful hashtags to follow for developing digital identity and entering discussions about social media use include #21CRes and #dr12vitae. The following are great Tweeters:

@johnigoeuk – Web Development Manager for Vitea News. I met John at the #21CRes day workshop which I discuss here. Informative tweets on Digital Researching and Vitae events

@beata_vitae – I’ve only just ‘met’ on Twitter but interested in Research Exchange ideas and can provide info on vitae events

@vitaenwhub – great for learning about various events including about social media use and research

@cristinacost – Tweets about social media and the like – helped run #21CRes and was great!


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