New York Field trip

I am currently in New York on a geography field trip. The aim of the course is to get third year undergraduates to think critically about the contested spaces of New York and to think through the various observable social, political and economic processes that are shaping this extraordinary, contemporary city.

It really is an amazing city and even though I only arrived yesterday, I am having a brilliant time and have learnt a lot. So far we have taken students to see the Statue of Liberty and to visit the museum at Ellis Island, and we have been to the Lower East side to visit the Tenement Museum which was fascinating and well worth going to. Later in the week we will be going to learn about an Environmental Justice program in the Bronx and we are also going to the site of Ground Zero. When I was last here 10 years ago, a year after 9/11, this area was still a hole in the ground so I am keen to see what they are doing there now.

All for now! I am trying to avoid over eating doughnuts and consuming copious amounts of coffee!!


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