Debating about learning Prezi

Prezi is a zooming presentation editor, that is free to use and is a great way to do presentations differently from the very linear slideshows Powerpoint offers. I have been contemplating learning how to use it recently, but learnt that audiences in particular react in mixed ways to presenters who use it, some even reporting feelings of sea sickness! I have briefly storified (below) a short conversation I had on Twitter with other Prezi users.

[View the story “To Prezi or not to Prezi?” on Storify]

I’m still undecided although I’m swayed towards giving it a go because I enjoy developing new skills such as these. What do other people think? Is there a good time to use Prezi? When should;t it be used? Do you agree with Peter Matthews that it shouldn’t be used for teaching? Get in touch!


4 thoughts on “Debating about learning Prezi

    • That is really amazing Steve! It really makes me want to have a go and to learn how to do it, but I agree the learning curve is very steep and it’s finding the time!!

  1. I have used Prezi with great success in presenting to and training/teaching students and colleagues for the past year. I recommend starting with pre-made Prezis to get a feel for what works spatially, visually, and in terms of animation. I also recommend pacing a presentation appropriately to avoid the audience getting confused or over-stimulated; just because it does zoom doesn’t mean it has to be like a rollercoaster. Overall, I think that it’s a very engaging and interesting medium and presents great potential for breaking out of the familiar power point mold. And I would argue that if the audience doesn’t have an open mind to begin with regarding your presentation style, they probably aren’t really engaging with it in the first place. Good luck!

    • Thanks Ashley, that’s really encouraging and I will definitely try the pre-made Prezi’s because I couldn’t quite get my hear around it when trying it from scratch!

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