Great Twitter hashtags I am using as an Early Career Academic

I have recently been fortunate enough to help organise and host the hashtag #acwri (short for academic writing) on Twitter. Together with PhD2Published and Dr Jeremy Segrott, we do fortnightly live chats on Twitter around a particular theme about academic writing (find out more here). We have now developed a great community and have had some fascinating discussions that are really opening up a helpful and informative informal online learning network.

As well as my involvement in #acwri I do like to follow and contribute to other hashtags on Twitter, which I think are worthy of mention. 

A really great hashtag that I have been following recently is #phdadvice, brain child of Dr Nadine Muller. Nadine is doing a fantastic job with the hashtag and I have now posted several questions and received excellent feedback and advice. It is great for Early Career Researchers because a range of relevant discussions are going on, from academic careers to publishing to conference organisation. 

It’s also really great to see a new live chat and hashtag on Twitter specifically aimed at Early Career Academics; #ECRchat. Their first live chat was today at 11am which I unfortunately couldn’t attend this time, but they have helpfully done a Storify of what was discussed at the ECRchat webpage and have plans to continue doing so. A good, parallel hashtag is #phdpostdoc which has been going a bit longer and which still offers some great related advice and information.

I also continue to follow #phdchat because while it is aimed at PhD students, I think there is still a lot to be learnt from the discussions here and it’s also nice to share some of my own experiences and to remember my PhD days. 

For me, these hashtags and these online communities have been hugely beneficial in terms of learning about people’s experience of academic life, networking and learning about topics of interest. What hashtags do you follow? Are there any more I should be dipping into?


4 thoughts on “Great Twitter hashtags I am using as an Early Career Academic

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