AcWriMo 2012!

November 2012 is just around the corner already! Time flies when you’re having fun and I have certainly been having a lot of fun as Managing Editor of PhD2Published! You may be wondering why I am even mentioning this,  and the reason is that it was this time last year that I approached Charlotte Frost to become the Managing Editor of PhD2Published.  It is officially my one year anniversary!  The reason November is also so vivid in my mind is that when I started to work on the site with the aim of finding out more about academic publishing and developing my professional networks, Charlotte ran #acbowrimo, a writing initiative taking place in the month of November (find out more about it here!). This year we have decided to run it again, to capitalise on the great success it was last year and to celebrate the #acwri community on Twitter (myself and Dr Jeremy Segrott run a fortnightly live chat on Twitter about academic writing).

This year is slightly different in that it is broader in scope. We have lost the ‘Bo’ (short for book) and are calling it #acwrimo, meaning academic writing month. You can join in by signing up for it in the comments box on the introduction page. I think this is a perfect way for me to celebrate my one year anniversary and to really build up the publishing record I have started to create this year. Join us!


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