My Acwrimo goals 2012

I am going to give #Acwrimo a really good go this year. I have quite a lot to do in November including presenting at Durham University and at the Open University, and attending a few training events. I also have a lot of writing projects on the go that I really want to get to work on and to finish if possible. In order to really motivate myself this year I am writing my goals down here and plan to tick them off or at least write about what I am doing so that I make sure I do some of the all important groundwork towards finishing them. So here are my #acwri goals for November 2012:

1) Finish a collaborative paper with Australian colleague Clare Bartholomaeus on masculinities and age (approx 4000-5000 words)

2) Finish a collaborative paper with Dr Robin Mann on grandfathering (approx 1000 words)

3) Finish a funding bid (deadline 07/11/12) – approx 3000 words

4) Draft and write a single authored paper for a Sociology journal on grandfathering (my PhD research) – approx 8000 words

5) Prepare and plan a Special Issue for a journal on grandparents (not sure on word count yet!)

6) Write lots of encouraging Tweets for fellow #acwrimo-ers (approx a million words :D) and update my blog on my #acwrimo progress


2 thoughts on “My Acwrimo goals 2012

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