My blog piece for Guardian Higher Education

Today is the start of AcWriMo, or Academic Writing Month, a month long dedication to academic writing. AcWriMo is an initiative Charlotte Frost and I are running through PhD2Published, for which I am managing editor. AcWriMo is now in it’s second year although last year the initiative was  called AcBoWriMo (or Academic Book Writing Month). This year the ‘Bo’ has been dropped to encompass the great variety of writing projects academics work on. The rules have also been slightly altered so that rather than attempt to achieve 50000 words in a month, people can set their own targets that are either word-count based, task orientated or time limited. This means that we can focus on quality as opposed to quantity and can really think about how we write and how we work.  It is so amazingly popular this year that there are over 350 people signed up already, and counting!!!

To capture all of the excitement and to really express my thinking around the initiative I have written a blog post for Guardian Higher Education all about the month and about the increased use of social media by academics. You can read the full post here. In the post I offer my thoughts about the initiative and why I think it is such a useful and inspiring idea.

If it is something you would like to join us with (better late than never!) you can check out the rules on PhD2Published and get involved. You can follow @PhD2Published on Twitter and declare your goals there (and let us know how you getting on too!) or Like the PhD2Published page on Facebook.

My word count is already 226 words down, just with this post!


2 thoughts on “My blog piece for Guardian Higher Education

  1. I thought this was a really excellent piece Anna. My #acwrimo didn’t get off to the best start this week when an upgrade (at work) meant that the work I thought I could do this week remotely using my work computer from home can’t work (I’m not in the office now to sort it out till next Tuesday!), and I have decided to plough through essay marking today rather than leave it to the weekend so that it is not a looming black cloud permeating my every thought! I am hoping this means I have a particularly productive weekend where I am positive both about marking being done and the chance to write.

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