Studies of ageing masculinities: still in their infancy? 1-day seminar, Thursday 14th Feb 2013

I am organising a one-day seminar about ageing masculinities (my area of research interest) and the advert has now come out (below)! If you’d like to attend, or know someone who would, please pass on the advert. You can register using the links below:

Centre for Policy on Ageing and Centre for Ageing and Biographical Studies

Seminar 15 in the Representation of Older People in Ageing Research Series


Studies of ageing masculinities: still in their infancy?

1-day seminar


Dr Anna Tarrant (Open University), Mr Robin Hadley (Keele University), Dr Jackie Watts (Open University) and the CABS research group at the Open University are pleased to announce a one-day seminar on ‘Studies of ageing masculinities’.

Date: Thursday 14th February 2013

Venue: The Open University in London, 1-11 Hawley Crescent, Camden, London, NW1 8NP

Aim: The event brings together scholars from different disciplines to consider the contemporary social lives of older men. Sociological and gerontological research concerning men’s ageing remains piecemeal and under-theorised despite recognition of the gendered nature of ageing and burgeoning recognition that older men and their needs are largely absent and less considered in academic and public rhetoric. In this context, this timely one-day workshop seeks to improve understanding of contemporary men’s ageing by showcasing current research in this area, to forge a multi-disciplinary network of scholars, practitioners and end users interested in men’s ageing, and to generate future research collaborations.

Programme: Speakers include Dr Kate Davidson (University of West England), Dr Paul Simpson (Manchester University), Dr Kate Bennett (University of Liverpool), Dr Anna Tarrant and Robin Hadley (PhD researcher, Keele University).

Audience: Academics at all career stages, post-graduates to professors and practitioners with interests in ageing and gender. We would especially welcome PhD students.

Price: Tickets are priced at £30  – students and concessions £20.

Register: Registrations for this event are now open.  To register please visit our website and download a registration form.  You will need to complete this and return it along with your payment to:

Research & Enterprise Events Team, Faulty of Health & Social Care, Horlock Building, The Open University, Walton Hall, Milton Keynes, MK7 6AA.

If you have any queries about this event, please email us at


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