A Storify of the Ageing Masculinities seminar…

The Ageing Masculinities seminar took place at the Camden offices in London yesterday, and we used the Twitter hashtag #agemascs to share some of the key points from the day. I have created a Storify (link below) that presents a selection of some of the key Tweets, based on the 5 presentations that took place on the day. The speakers included Dr Kate Davidson, Dr Kate Bennett, Dr Paul Simpson, me and Robin Hadley. We discussed a wide range of topics relating to older men’s lives including older men’s social networks, the experiences of middle-aged gay men’s ageing, male widowhood, grandfathering, and difficulties accessing older men for social research.  Dr Caroline Holland aka @pipistrelle Tweeted some great points in particular and Dr Rebecca Jones has also written some summaries of the key points made on the day on her blog rememberingmyhat.com.

[View the story “Ageing Masculinities Seminar, Thursday 14th February 2013” on Storify]


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