Acwrimo 2013!

So, my return to work from maternity leave also coincides with Acwrimo 2013! I started back at work on Monday (28th October 2013) just four days before it begins. Acwrimo (which you can learn all about here!) or Academic Writing Month has become a massive online academic project instigated and run via the PhD2Published website. Very briefly, the idea of the month is to get lots of support with writing from other academics while making the space and time every day to write and to reflect on the process of writing.  This year I am one of a number of AcWriMo Ambassadors who will be responding to any comments and questions on Twitter, Facebook and the PhD2Published website. I see my role as one of providing support to others while also trying to get back into the swing of writing and adding to my own word count!

This year my main writing goals for AcWriMo include:

  • Preparing and drafting a journal article and collaborating on another
  • Responding to reviewer feedback for a paper that has been accepted for publication with minor corrections
  • Preparing and developing research bids (a key component of my job at the Open University)
  • Wondering (and reflecting on) how to balance all of this writing with a 6 month old!

This year I hope to be much more vigilant in recording my progress so I have signed up to Jennifer Lim’s accountability spreadsheet available here. Why not join us?!


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