New Publications!

I have been a bit quiet on my blog recently but I would like to resurrect it now and share some news with you all.

I have had two things published. One is a book review of Men, Masculinities and Methodologies by Barbara Pini and Bob Pease which is going to be published in the Gender, Place and Culture journal. This is an excellent and timely collection of chapters by scholars of men and masculinities that recognises, and effectively contributes to, a more critical scholarship of methodologies as they pertain to the study of men. The chapters address issues such as power, positionally and ethics in research with men and reflect on experiences of researching a range of topics including internet dating, violence. Researchers also reflect on their experiences of researching men in all their diversity including methods conducted with older men, older gay men, fathers and ruling class men. In the review I highly recommend this book for a geographical audience although it is an excellent interdisciplinary resource.

To read it follow the link here. You will require a subscription to the journal or you can contact me for a copy.

My bookOn the 2nd September 2014, the ‘Studies of Ageing Masculinities: Still in their infancy?’ publication that I edited with Dr Jaqueline Watts was officially launched at the British Society of Gerontology annual conference. This was written for a research series called the ‘Representation of Older People in Ageing’ that the Centre for Ageing and Biographical Studies at the Open University publishes with the Centre for Policy on Ageing. The flyer for the event is available here as well as the ISBN number if you wish to purchase it. As well as an opening chapter by Jackie and I, the book contains chapters by the presenters at the seminar I chaired about the same subject last year. In the publication Dr Kate Davidson reflects on her research about the social worlds of older men, Dr Kate Bennett contributes a chapter on male widowhood, David Jackson discusses ageing from an autobiographical perspective, I reflect on my research about grandfatherhood and Robin Hadley explores methodological issues in research with childless men. Together the chapters indicate an increasing research interest in older men as a group whose experiences often remain hidden and invisible.


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