Funding Success!!


So it’s third time lucky for me!

I was recently informed that I have won a Leverhulme Trust Early Career  Fellowship! This is the third time that I have applied for one and I am really very honoured to have been offered the funding. The Fellowship is an independent piece of research that I will do part time (to balance my research with my family responsibilities) and that I will have three and half years for. I will be mentored by Dr Kahryn Hughes in the Sociology and Social Policy department at the University of Leeds who has done some fascinating research already about mid-life grandparenting in this locality, as part of the Timescapes project.

The working title for the research is ‘Men’s experiences of family life and multiple care responsibilities in low-income localities’. This is the abstract to give you a flavour of what has been planned:

‘The proposed project is an investigation of the everyday care practices of fathers and grandfathers in a low-income locality in the North East of England. Exploring the otherwise invisible and taken-for-granted care practices of men who have many responsibilities but limited resources will enable interrogation of the moral and ethical decisions that inform practices of care, and how these are negotiated in contexts of constraint. Findings from an ambitious, mixed methods approach to qualitative longitudinal research will provide a unique evidence base that recognises the significance of men’s care commitments within these contexts, the factors that underpin them, and their impact on individuals and society’.


For those of you who know my research this builds really well upon my existing research interests and will allow me to develop as a researcher. More importantly though, the aim of the project is too give voice to men who have multiple care responsibilities but who do this in a context where care is associated more strongly with women and where resources are very limited. As part of the fellowship I will be building a website. that I will provide a link to on this page once it has been designed. I intend to share what I am doing throughout the project as I always have because of my belief in being open about research and being accountable to the public who have funded my project.

I start officially on the 1st October 2014 so watch this space for updates and reflections! I expect there will be a lot of posts to acwri again!!


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