#AcWriMo Live chat tomorrow…join us and tell us about your experiences

Tomorrow I resurrect my role as chair of a live chat on Twitter. While my colleague Jeremy Segrott and I no longer run a dedicated fortnightly live chat about academic writing the #AcWri community remains vibrant (which you can read more about here) and I still see great value in meeting at a set time to Tweet about a shared academic activity. This month is #AcWriMo (or Academic Writing Month) so Linda Levitt, the new Managing Editor of PhD2Published, and I are chairing a chat to encourage a bit of reflection on approaching the half way point.

While this may seem like a bit of an opportunity to avoid academic writing, I think that it is important to take stock of the process; to reflect on academic writing successes and failures, especially at a time when we are being encouraged by an initiative to make space and time for it every day of the month. Taking a step back has its advantages. It helps in identifying how we write (what works, what doesn’t), helps in thinking about where and when we work best, and helps in developing strategies for writing more effectively in the future. As I have said many times before, sharing these ideas in a supportive peer-to-peer network can also be incredibly rewarding and helpful. It encourages us to recognise that we are not alone when we experience blank page syndrome or when we don’t quite reach our goals by the time we expect to. #AcWriMo is not easy, especially when there are so many other competing demands on our time. The live chat then, is just a little bit of time and space to meet with others in direct, virtual conversation, to reinvigorate ourselves and others at the half way point and hopefully learn a little bit more about academic writing.

The chat takes place Wednesday 30th November, 8pm GMT, -2pm EST. Please do join us and don’t forget to include the #AcWriMo hashtag so that we can see your comments and then Storify them once we’re done.


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