Call for Papers; AAG (2016) San Francisco. Geographies of Gender and Generation with Dr Michael Richardson


Call for Papers

Association of American Geographers 

San Francisco, 2016

Geographies of Gender and Generation

Dr Anna Tarrant, School of Sociology and Social Policy, University of Leeds

Dr Michael Richardson, School of Geography, Politics and Sociology, Newcastle University

The aim of this session is to explore the geographical significance of issues of gender and generation. Much recent geographical research, focusing on key areas such as masculinities and place (Gorman-Murray and Hopkins, 2014; van Hoven and Hörschelmann, 2005), geographies of childhood and intergenerational spaces (Vanderbeck and Worth, 2015) and family geographies (i.e. Valentine 2008; Harker and Martin 2012), has considered the interrelationships of gender and generation, but their significance as a combined analytic tool have yet to be explicitly acknowledged and taken forward as a research agenda. We therefore seek papers that reflect on theoretical and/or methodological innovation through employing both gender and generation as key geographical concepts. We suggest that such a focus could reinvigorate geographical thinking about the processes and complexities of intergenerational (in)justice and gender inequalities in a global, neoliberal context.

Key questions that papers might address include: how do particular kinds of spaces and spatial arrangements (e.g. cities, neighbourhoods, institutions, families and leisure sites) facilitate and limit gendered and generational contact and encounters? What processes and spaces influence the transmission of gendered and generational values and beliefs? In what ways are gendered and generational separation and segregation significant drivers in social change? How do gender and generational expectations influence dependencies and interdependencies in different cultural contexts?

We invite papers focusing on a range of global contexts, which have a theoretical, empirical and/or methodological focus. Papers with a commitment to feminist methods, theories and praxis are particularly welcomed. Topics may include, but are not limited to:

  • Intersections with gender, generation and place, including the effects of other key social divisions (age, race, ethnicity, religion and class etc),
  • Intergenerational approaches to researching people’s lives,
  • Innovative conceptualisations of age, generation and life course,
  • Methodologies for understanding social and generational change,
  • Negotiating generational difference and processes of cultural assimilation,
  • The spatio-temporal dynamics of life course transitions,
  • Family geographies and research within and across households.

Offers of papers (including titles and abstracts on no more than 250 words) should be sent to Anna Tarrant or Michael Richardson by Friday 23rd October 2015. Successful applicants will be contacted by Monday 26th of October 2015 and will be expected to pay the registration fee and submit their abstracts online at the AAG website by October 29th 2015.

Selected references

Gorman-Murray, A. and Hopkins, P. (2014) Masculinities and Place, Ashgate: Farnham.

Harker, C. and Martin, L. (2012) Guest Editorial. Familial relations: spaces, subjects, and politics, Environment and Planning A, 44: 768 – 775.

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van Hoven, B. and Hörschelmann, K. (2005) Spaces of Masculinities, Routledge: London.

Vanderbeck, R. and Worth, N. (2015) Intergenerational Spaces, Routledge; London.


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