Young Fathers

In May 2016 the Leeds Social Sciences Institute awarded £15,000 in funding to select members of the Following Young Fathers (FYF) project team to continue research with young fathers. My Leverhulme funded Men, Poverty and Lifetimes of Care study has become affiliated with Following Young Fathers via secondary analysis activities so I became PI for this project and worked closely with Prof. Bren Neale who was the Director of FYF.

The project, which ran from May 2016 to May 2017 was practitioner led and involved collaboration between local and national organisations who were original partner organisations of the network that formed as part of the Following Young Fathers study.

The project consisted of three interrelated work packages that broadly sought to extend and improve policy and practice with young fathers nationally; to increase recognition of the multiple challenges faced by young fathers; and to provide them with increasing opportunities to engage in advocacy and collective support. More information about these work packages is available here.

If you have any queries about the project please do get in touch with Anna (

Project Outputs

Tarrant, A. and Neale, B. (2017) Supporting Young Fathers in Welfare Settings: An Evidence Review of What Matters and What Helps, Responding to Young Fathers in a Different Way: Evidence Review.

Tarrant, A. and Neale, B. (2017) (eds.) Learning to Support Young Dads, Responding to Young Fathers in a Different Way: Project Report.