Peer reviewed journal articles

Tarrant, A. (2016) Getting out of the swamp? Methodological reflections on using qualitative secondary analysis to develop research designInternational Journal of Social Research Methodology, 

Tarrant, A., Featherstone, B., O’Dell, L. and Fraser, C. (2016) “You try to keep a brave face on but inside you are in bits”: Grandparent experiences of engaging with professionals in Children’s ServicesQualitative Social Work, 

Tarrant, A. (2016) The spatial and gendered politics of displaying family: exploring material cultures in grandfathers’ homesGender, Place and Culture, 23 (7): 969-982.

Mann, R., Tarrant, A., and Leeson, G. (2016) Grandfatherhood: Shifting Masculinities in Later Life, Sociology, 50 (3): 594-610.

Bartholomeaus, C. and Tarrant, A. (2016) Masculinities at the Margins of Age: What a consideration of young age and old age offers masculinities theorizing, Men and Masculinities,  19 (4): 351-369.

Tarrant, A., Terry, G., Ward, M., Ruxton, S., Robb, M., and Featherstone, B. (2015) Are male role models really the solution? Interrogating the ‘war on boys’ through the lens of the ‘male role model’ discourseBoyhood Studies: An Interdisciplinary Journal, 8 (1): 60 – 83.

Tarrant, A. (2014) Negotiating multiple positionalities in the interview setting; researching across gender and generational boundariesThe Professional Geographer, 66 (3): 493-500.

Tarrant, A. (2013) ‘Grandfathering as spatio-temporal practice: conceptualizing performances of ageing masculinities in contemporary familial carescapes‘, Social and Cultural Geography, 14(2): 192-210.

Evans, S. L., Maclean, K., MacLeavy, J., Stepney, M., Strauss, K., Tarrant, A., Wallace, I., and Brickell, K. (2013) Naming the next generation: early career perspectives on the future of the Women and Geography Study Group, Area, 45 (1): 13-15. 

Tarrant, A. (2010a) ‘Constructing a social geography of grandparenthood: a new focus for intergenerationality’, Area, 42 (2), pp. 190–197.

Tarrant, A. (2010b) ‘‘Maturing’ a Sub-discipline: The Intersectional Geographies of Masculinities and Old Age’, Geography Compass, 4 (10), pp. 1580 – 1591.

Edited Collections

Tarrant, A. and Watts, J. (eds.) Studies of Ageing Masculinities: Still in their infancy? Number 14 in ‘The Representation of Older People in Ageing Research Series’, Open University and Centre of Policy on Ageing.

Book Chapters

Tarrant, A. (2016) ‘Betweenness’ and the negotiation of sameness and difference in the interview setting: reflections on researching grandfathers as a young female researcher, in: Ward, M. R. M. (ed.) Gender Identity and Research Relationships, Emerald; UK, Chapter Four, p. 43-64.

Tarrant, A. (2015) Domestic ageing masculinities and grandfathering, in Gorman-Murray, A. and Hopkins, P. (eds.) Masculinities and Place, Surrey, Ashgate. Chapter 15, pp. 241-255.

Tarrant, A. (2014) (Grand)paternal care practices and affective intergenerational encounters using ICT’s, in Vanderbeck, R. and Worth, N. (eds.) Intergenerational Space, London: Routledge. Chapter 20.

Tarrant, A. (2014) Grandfathering and the embodiment of ageing masculinities, in Tarrant, A. and Watts, J. (eds.) Studies of Ageing Masculinities: Still in their infancy? Number 14 in ‘The Representation of Older People in Ageing Research Series‘, Open University and Centre of Policy on Ageing.

Tarrant, A. (2012) ‘Grandfathering: the construction of new identities and masculinities’, in: Arber, S., and Timonen, V. (eds.) Contemporary Grandparenting: Changing Family Relationships in Global Contexts, Bristol: Policy Press, Chapter 9, pp. 200-21.

Book Reviews

Tarrant, A. (Online Early) Men, Masculinities and Methodologies by Pini, B. and Pease, B. (eds.) Palgrave Macmillon. In: Gender, Place and Culture.

Tarrant, A. (forthcoming) Representing Ageing: Images and Identities by Virpi Ylänne (ed.)Palgrave Macmillan, London, Ageing & Society, 33 (8): 1474-1476

Boden-Tarrant, A. (2009) The Awkward Spaces of Fathering, Book review for Gender, Place and Culture, 16 (6) pp. 767 – 778.


Featherstone, B., O’Dell, L., Tarrant, A., Fraser, C and Pritchard, D. (2012) Evaluation of Family Rights Group Advice and Advocacy Service, Family Rights Group, London.



Hopkins, P. and Tarrant, A. (2013)  “Geographies of Age.” In Oxford Bibliographies in Geography. Ed. Barney Warf. New York: Oxford University Press.

Boden, A. (2009) ‘Deconstructing the hegemony of men and masculinity (?): A focus on older men as grandfathers and intergenerational relations’ in Hearn, J (Ed.) GEXcel Work in Progress Report: Volume V. pp. 41 – 50.

Boden, A. (2009) Geographies of grandfather identities: Exploring the intersections of masculinities, old(er) age and the body from an intergenerational perspective, GEXcel Work in Progress VI, 35 – 42.

Please do contact me for copies if you are unable to access these via the links.

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