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The origins of the #AcWri hashtag

What is #AcWri? #Acwri – which stands for academic writing – is a hashtag used in online discussions about all things related to academic writing (as it is broadly defined). It has been instrumental in establishing an on-going, online participatory community, providing an open platform for sharing knowledge about academic writing (empowering each member as … Continue reading

The PhDoMeter: Have you downloaded it yet?

Have you heard about the PhDoMeter (pronounced fudometer) yet?! The PhDoMeter is a new app created by PhD2Published for #AcWriMo 2012 that allows you to track your writing journey in the way that suits you most. It can time you, count your words for you or do both! It’s a really neat little app that I … Continue reading

#AcWriMo is over, what happened?!

It’s hard to believe but #AcWriMo is over again for another year! For those not in the know #AcWriMo is a writing initiative run by Dr Charlotte Frost and myself on PhD2Published.  The ‘relatively relaxed’ rules are explained here (in case you like the idea so much you want to do your own writing month … Continue reading

My blog piece for Guardian Higher Education

Today is the start of AcWriMo, or Academic Writing Month, a month long dedication to academic writing. AcWriMo is an initiative Charlotte Frost and I are running through PhD2Published, for which I am managing editor. AcWriMo is now in it’s second year although last year the initiative was  called AcBoWriMo (or Academic Book Writing Month). … Continue reading

AcWriMo 2012!

AcWriMo 2012!

November 2012 is just around the corner already! Time flies when you’re having fun and I have certainly been having a lot of fun as Managing Editor of PhD2Published! You may be wondering why I am even mentioning this,  and the reason is that it was this time last year that I approached Charlotte Frost … Continue reading