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New York Field trip

I am currently in New York on a geography field trip. The aim of the course is to get third year undergraduates to think critically about the contested spaces of New York and to think through the various observable social, political and economic processes that are shaping this extraordinary, contemporary city. It really is an amazing … Continue reading

Boycott Elsevier

I must confess to not knowing much about Boycott Elsevier but it has clearly garnered lots of support from academics and is emerging at a time when Open Access is becoming an increasingly significant debate. For Higher Education geographers out there, here are links to those who have joined the boycott (with a nice explanation … Continue reading

New Ideas Festival

This week it is the New Ideas Festival funded by the Lancaster University Alumni office. The aim of the festival is to talk about the research we do at Lancaster University with members of the local community in Lancaster. The Festival has been advertised far and wide; an interview with BBC Radio Lancashire, local newspapers, … Continue reading

My chapter in a new book

Just over a year ago I was invited by Sara Arber and Virpi Timonen to write a book chapter for a new book they planned to edit, to be published by Policy Press. The book is called ‘Contemporary Grandparenting: Changing family relationships in global contexts’ and will be published officially in May 2012. Today I … Continue reading