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My recent Follow Friday Tweets!

Ana Isabel Canhoto has inspired me to write this post about my recent #ff’s; or my Twitter Follow Fridays. In her post she explains the reasoning behind Follow Friday and also lists a few of the people she has recommended to other users. I follow a range of different Tweeps for a variety of different … Continue reading

Establishing a #Phdpostdoc community!

Following various exchanges with academics experiencing the PhD/Postdoc transition on Twitter over the past couple of weeks, it occured to me that I am not the only one dealing with the uncertainties of a temporary contract, huge decisions about my career and questions such as “what comes next?” and “who have I become post PhD/viva?”. I … Continue reading

Post-doc: A fluid identity in transition

Post-doc: A fluid identity in transition

I haven’t posted for a while but here are my current pre-Christmas, pre 2012 musings. In joining PhD2Published as Managing Editor and also Twitter in a professional capacity (as @dratarrant) just a month ago, I have already started to develop important networks with fellow academics and have been exposed to some really interesting ideas, not … Continue reading