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Announcement over on my project website! My abstract has been accepted for the realism pre-conference 2015

I am delighted to announce that my abstract has been accepted for the pre-conference (for ECR’s and PhD researchers) for  ‘The state of the art of realist methodologies’, hosted by the University of Leeds this November. The title of my paper is Reflections on a realist approach to qualitative secondary analysis. It looks to be a fascinating conference … Continue reading

‘Getting out of the swamp’: Recording the intellectual work at the start of the qualitative research process

This blog post is prompted by some reading I have been doing about realist qualitative research. I have never considered myself a realist before. I have always been seduced by grounded theory approaches, and in particular, constructive grounded theory, elaborated by Charmaz (2006). However, as I have started to engage more with the literature about … Continue reading