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The launch of #AcWri live chat

Myself and Dr Jeremy Segrott have recently launced a new live chat on Twitter for academic writers using the AcWri hashtag. The summaries of the chats will be posted on PhD2Published and Jeremy’s blog every week once its all set up. For now though, I am posting the first official chat, held at 6pm GMT … Continue reading

Boycott Elsevier

I must confess to not knowing much about Boycott Elsevier but it has clearly garnered lots of support from academics and is emerging at a time when Open Access is becoming an increasingly significant debate. For Higher Education geographers out there, here are links to those who have joined the boycott (with a nice explanation … Continue reading

My recent Follow Friday Tweets!

Ana Isabel Canhoto has inspired me to write this post about my recent #ff’s; or my Twitter Follow Fridays. In her post she explains the reasoning behind Follow Friday and also lists a few of the people she has recommended to other users. I follow a range of different Tweeps for a variety of different … Continue reading

Using a text wall in HE Teaching

Using a text wall in HE Teaching

As a Senior Teaching Associate at a university in the UK I have been keen to explore innovative ways of getting feedback from my students when teaching, particularly in relation to what they are learning. I tend to use group discussions and post-its to allow students time to write down their thoughts and to discuss … Continue reading