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A Storify of the ‘Masculinities, roles and transitions’ symposium at University of Leeds

On Tuesday 10th May 2016, Sally Brown and I hosted the ‘Mascuinities, roles and transitions’ symposium at the University of Leeds. We were kindly funded by the Foundation for the Sociology of Health and Illness. This Storify is a brief overview of what was a very successful and interesting day. //storify.com/dratarrant/an-overview-of-the-mascuinities-roles-and-transiti/embed[View the story “An overview … Continue reading

Debating about learning Prezi

Prezi is a zooming presentation editor, that is free to use and is a great way to do presentations differently from the very linear slideshows Powerpoint offers. I have been contemplating learning how to use it recently, but learnt that audiences in particular react in mixed ways to presenters who use it, some even reporting … Continue reading