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New York Field trip

I am currently in New York on a geography field trip. The aim of the course is to get third year undergraduates to think critically about the contested spaces of New York and to think through the various observable social, political and economic processes that are shaping this extraordinary, contemporary city. It really is an amazing … Continue reading

Interesting post on teaching today

I want to make a special link to a blog post I read today a) because I have just published my own post about teaching identity and caring and b) so I can find this again when I come back to academic teaching! Prof. Janni Aragon has written a very short but poignant post called … Continue reading

Using a text wall in HE Teaching

Using a text wall in HE Teaching

As a Senior Teaching Associate at a university in the UK I have been keen to explore innovative ways of getting feedback from my students when teaching, particularly in relation to what they are learning. I tend to use group discussions and post-its to allow students time to write down their thoughts and to discuss … Continue reading