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‘Getting out of the swamp’: Recording the intellectual work at the start of the qualitative research process

This blog post is prompted by some reading I have been doing about realist qualitative research. I have never considered myself a realist before. I have always been seduced by grounded theory approaches, and in particular, constructive grounded theory, elaborated by Charmaz (2006). However, as I have started to engage more with the literature about … Continue reading

My research project has a new website!

My research project, currently with the title ‘Men, poverty and lifetimes of care’, now has a website. You can view it here and please do visit for lots of updates on the project and a new blog series that Kahryn Hughes (my research mentor) and I are going to be writing about the role of the research mentor/mentte … Continue reading

On generosity in academia

On generosity in academia

gen·er·os·i·ty (jĕn′ə-rŏs′ĭ-tē)·er·os·i·ties Liberality in giving or willingness to give, Kindness or magnanimity, Amplitude; abundance, A generous act. Ref: The Free Dictionary  Last week I attended Bren Neale’s retirement conference (which I discuss here) and it has got me musing about generosity in academic life. The majority of presenters at the event spoke extremely warmly about Bren and all thanked her for her generosity. As an Early Career … Continue reading